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It is our pleasure to introduce you to the MUSIC e-VERSION of the critically-acclaimed historical novel, “Forever Gentleman,” by Roland Colton. This groundbreaking production — the first-of-its-kind — enables you to listen to more than 10 hours of the timeless classical music performed and described in the book as you read the story. Try this incredibly immersive experience and lose yourself in an engrossing Victorian romance, mystery and drama, full of unexpected twists and turns.

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Forever Gentleman

In a style reminiscent of nineteenth-century authors, Forever Gentleman is a sweeping saga of suspense, romance, mystery, and music. Travel back in time and experience Victorian London at its best and worst–a city of beauty and brilliance, and a city steeped in filth and despair. Meet Nathan Sinclair, a struggling young architect and gifted pianist who lives in the two vastly different worlds, mingling in high society while dwelling in suffocating debt and poverty. While performing at a gathering of London’s elite, Nathan meets Jocelyn Charlesworth, a breathtakingly beautiful but temperamental celebrity heiress. He is smitten, though she publicly humiliates him; their paths will intersect again in a most shocking manner.

Meanwhile, Nathan makes the acquaintance of Regina Lancaster, a woman of remarkable inner beauty, despite her pedestrian appearance. He must decide whether to follow his heart and pursue Regina, or flee England altogether to avoid imprisonment from a miserly creditor. In his darkest hour, Nathan is offered a tantalizing proposition that might change everything, but that comes at considerable risk. Nathan must play his role perfectly, or he may lose his reputation, livelihood, and very life to the  powerful echelons of Victorian society.

Full of unexpected twists and turns, the book races towards a thrilling climax that will determine Nathan’s ultimate destiny.


Forever Gentleman is not a novel to rush, but each page is to be savored… Easily one of the best books I have read so far this year.

Heather Osborne

Reader's Favorite, Goodreads

Intrigue, romantic rivalries, and mistaken identities abound in this Victorian drama… an exciting read, packed with mysteries and unexpected twists… engrossing novel…

Kirkus Reviews

More novels from Roland Colton are on the way, stay tuned…

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