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Have you ever wondered how all-time great baseball stars from the past would fare in today’s game? Well, Colton’s new novel answers that question… or does it?

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Savannah Cain Interviews Ty Conn
Savannah Cain Interviews Ty Conn

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Episode 54 — Chapter 60

Chapter   60   April 12Atlanta at New York The capacity crowd from the day before had dwindled to 20,000 for the second game of the home stand, as fans assumed that Cobb would be warming the bench again. Instead, the spectators were delighted to hear Cobb’s name...

Episode 53 — Chapter 59

Chapter   59   April 11Atlanta at New YorkTaking in the sights of Citi Field Park in Flushing Meadows from the exterior had been impressive enough, but it wasn’t until Cobb stepped onto the playing field that he felt his breath taken away. It was awe-inspiring...

Episode 52 — Chapter 58

Chapter   58   “Struttin’ around like some friggin’ All-Star,” Graydon Rhodes fumed, gesturing wildly with a half-full glass of beer. Rhodes was seated with four other teammates in the rear of C. Ellet’s Steakhouse restaurant, a few blocks from SunTrust Park. The...

Episode 51 — Chapter 57

Chapter   57   Cricket had been his game as a youth, growing up in South Wales. Tall and lanky, he’d actually become quite good at it. He could strike the ball consistently and he had better than average speed. But, he’d lost interest in the game once he became...

Episode 50 — Chapter 56

Chapter   56   Dr. Cantril stared at the commitment order on his desk. He had been stunned to learn that his patient had hooked up with the Atlanta Braves baseball team and made a huge splash in his first game. But, his astonishment soon morphed into anger. He...

Episode 49 — Chapter 55

Chapter   55  The radio announcers for the Braves were aghast at the expanding numbers filling the stadium. Following the sold-out home opener, the attendance at the following home game with the Nationals had been disappointing. Now it was difficult to locate an...

Episode 48 — Chapter 54

Chapter   54   Cobb exited onto the field and was vaguely aware that there were only two other players who wore their black stockings exposed from below the knee down to the cleats; all the other player’s pants extended all the way down to the shoes. Braves...

Episode 47 — Chapter 53

Chapter   53   April 8th Cincinnati v. Atlanta Cobb held up the white jersey and looked at the word “Braves” written in red script with blue border across the chest of his uniform shirt, along with the tomahawk logo underneath. There was piping around the collar,...

Episode 46 — Chapter 52

Chapter   52   The unmarked limousine pulled out of the secure underground parking of the exclusive Haven Towers where Bolt’s sumptuous penthouse suite was located. All I need now is to start fantasizing about the Atlanta Braves winning the World Series; then...

Episode 45 — Chapter 51

Chapter   51  This contract is insane, Fensley Hammaker thought to himself as he studied the rough draft. No ball player in his right mind would ever propose these conditions, even if the compensation were a hundred billion! This guy must be totally bonkers....

Episode 44 — Chapter 50

Chapter   50  After a quick shower, Cobb was on his way toward the manager’s office, flanked by Calvin and Savannah. Bolt had commandeered Carpenter’s chair between the G.M. and the field general. The manager’s office contrasted sharply from Bolt’s luxurious...

Episode 43 — Chapter 49

Chapter   49   The morning of April 6th continued a welcome succession of three clear days in a row. The sun had just risen over the left field stadium bleachers basking the infield in light, when Cobb and the Cains arrived to the ballpark. Cobb was dressed in a...

Episode 42 — Chapter 48

Chapter   48  After the game, the Cains and Cobb remained in Atlanta, staying at the Hyatt. Cobb had difficulty sleeping, unable to keep his mind off the following day’s meeting with Ben Bolt. The restlessness that had taken root within him on the Cain farm...

Episode 41 — Chapter 47

Chapter   47  A full moon brightens the horizon on my homeward trek. I turn the corner and the moon’s glare is obscured by my house. A bright haze rises from the roof, or is it just the moon’s glow. Walking up the concrete sidewalk that leads to the porch, I...

Episode 40 — Chapter 46

Chapter   46  Savannah Cain’s cover story for the 100th Anniversary Edition of Sport Report was not only critically acclaimed, but the edition broke all previous circulation records for the magazine. The cover edition displayed a 1910 photograph of Ty Cobb with...

Episode 39 — Chapter 45

Chapter   45   After spending half-an-hour waiting in the reception area of the executive offices of the Mercantile Bank building, Cobb and Cain were ushered into the high rise offices of the magnate Drummond. Listed 48th on the Forbes 100 list. Drummond was also...

Episode 38 — Chapter 44

Chapter   44   “Flight attendants, please prepare for departure from the gate.” the intercom sounded inside the airplane cabin. “It’s okay to be nervous, Ty. Everyone feels that way their first time up.” Cobb took a deep breath. “I can’t imagine how this ocean...

Episode 37 — Chapter 43

Chapter   43   “Mr. Cobb, could you pose in your batting stance?” Cobb gave a quizzical look. “In my civilian clothes?” “Yes, please.” The photographer took several photographs. “And now, if you could use the bat like a cane.” Cobb put the bat on the ground with...

Episode 36 — Chapters 41 & 42

Chapter   41  So, who is he really? Savannah pondered, taking a break from typing. Certainly not that angry, vile, despicable man. It was Savannah’s first day back in her office. She had spent the morning working on her article, assimilating random notes and...

Episode 35 — Chapter 40

Chapter   40   True to his word, as the next morning dawned Cobb insisted on performing work in exchange for room and board. Calvin did his best to keep his friend busy, allowing him to milk the cows, chop firewood and finish erecting a fence that had been in...

Episode 34 — Chapter 39

Chapter   39   When Dr. Cantril entered his office, there was a large stack of discs on the desk. Each disc had a stamp showing the location, date, start and end time. He first located the discs for the date of Cobb’s disappearance and inserted one that started...

Episode 33 — Chapter 38

Chapter   38  The sun broke through the clouds early the next morning, hinting at spring’s promise. The early morning dew melted as a mystical haze settled over the cotton farm. When he rose, Cobb was surprised to see a pair of baseball cleats and a...

Episode 32 — Chapter 37

Chapter   37   The couple of days turned into a week. Annabelle found herself feeling more at ease with Cobb each day. He displayed excellent manners and regularly offered to help, either setting the table, peeling potatoes or helping with the dishes. He soon...

Episode 31 — Chapter 36

Chapter   36   Annabelle had prepared a special dinner: honey-baked ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, fresh applesauce, black-eyed peas and cranberry sauce. After saying grace, the food was passed around and Annabelle began accepting compliments about her cooking....

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  1. bbplyr


    I have enjoyed the story very much. As a somewhat trivia baseball buff, I recognized the names from the early days. I clearly recall the Lajoie Cobb battle for the batting average championship.
    Your depiction of Cobb has been spot on. The description of Cobb sliding in spikes first on his first hit was true to form.
    I look forward to reading your chapters everyday, as you have cleverly woven multiple plot lines.


    John Thompson

    • Roland Colton

      Thank you for your kind remarks, John. It is always gratifying to receive such a positive and enthusiastic review from a reader—especially one who is a “trivia baseball buff.”
      Stay tuned. The best is yet to come! Best regards, Roland

  2. booklover

    This book is very thrilling, I enjoy every second of the playing and action. I can’t wait to finish more!

  3. abesmith

    Excellent work! Rare that a historical book makes me want to turn the page to find out what happens next.

  4. superfan

    Loving it so far! Great description, great action, great insight into this player. Enjoy listening with my family!

    Looking forward to more!

  5. mandmhale

    LOVING this book! My usual MO is to read a novel cover-to-cover in one sitting, so Baseball Immortal has me running to my computer first thing in the morning to read the daily chapter.
    Fun, colorful, clever, interesting, and compelling.

    I particularly enjoyed Episode 4 – Chapter 3. After a nail-biting, vivid description of the game, the scene between Ty and Charlie delightfully and tenderly gives a glimpse into what I’d like to imagine their relationship resembled during the early years of marriage.

    Can’t wait until tomorrow!!

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