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Book 1 Second Coming of Ty Cobb

Book 1

The Second Coming
of Ty Cobb

Book 2 Chasing Ghosts of Legends Past

Book 2

Chasing Ghosts of
Legends Past

Book 3 a Season to be Remembered

Book 3

A Season Never
to be Forgotten

“The Baseball Immortal Series is One of the Greatest Testaments to America’s Pastime. It is a Must-Read for any Baseball Enthusiast.”

Markos Papadatos, Power Journalist NYC

Now read the entire first book which was serialized on Major League Baseball’s Website during COVID, as well as newly released books 2 and 3.

Buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life!

Have you ever wondered how immortal superstars from the past would fare in today’s game?
Well, Baseball Immortal answers that question. . .

Or does it?


Is the man who awakens in a present-day Georgian hospital, after suffering a nearly fatal hit-and-run accident, truly the legendary Ty Cobb (who has been inexplicably transported forward in time),


is he a man suffering from severe psychosis and delusions of grandeur, who has hijacked Cobb’s identity as his own?

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Baseball Immortal Free Episodes

Baseball Immortal Book

Have you ever wondered how all-time great baseball stars from the past would fare in today’s game? Well, Colton’s new novel answers that question… or does it?

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Episode 3 — Chapter 2

Chapter   2  Two hours before the game, men in lounge suits with top hats and ladies in high-heeled boots with full-length dresses and bustles, lacy gloves and sweeping hats, began streaming into Bennett Park to welcome their team home. As the stadium began to...

Episode 2 — Chapter 1

Chapter   1   June 18, 1911Bennett ParkDetroit, Michigan The muscular Percheron whinnied and reared, causing Officer O’Rourke to shift his weight to the stirrups. “Easy, Arrow, easy. Atta’ boy.” O’Rourke felt the horse relax and he gently coaxed the black gelding...

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  1. bbplyr


    I have enjoyed the story very much. As a somewhat trivia baseball buff, I recognized the names from the early days. I clearly recall the Lajoie Cobb battle for the batting average championship.
    Your depiction of Cobb has been spot on. The description of Cobb sliding in spikes first on his first hit was true to form.
    I look forward to reading your chapters everyday, as you have cleverly woven multiple plot lines.


    John Thompson

    • Roland Colton

      Thank you for your kind remarks, John. It is always gratifying to receive such a positive and enthusiastic review from a reader—especially one who is a “trivia baseball buff.”
      Stay tuned. The best is yet to come! Best regards, Roland

  2. booklover

    This book is very thrilling, I enjoy every second of the playing and action. I can’t wait to finish more!

  3. abesmith

    Excellent work! Rare that a historical book makes me want to turn the page to find out what happens next.

  4. superfan

    Loving it so far! Great description, great action, great insight into this player. Enjoy listening with my family!

    Looking forward to more!

  5. mandmhale

    LOVING this book! My usual MO is to read a novel cover-to-cover in one sitting, so Baseball Immortal has me running to my computer first thing in the morning to read the daily chapter.
    Fun, colorful, clever, interesting, and compelling.

    I particularly enjoyed Episode 4 – Chapter 3. After a nail-biting, vivid description of the game, the scene between Ty and Charlie delightfully and tenderly gives a glimpse into what I’d like to imagine their relationship resembled during the early years of marriage.

    Can’t wait until tomorrow!!

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