Episode 55 — Chapter 61

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Episode 55 — Chapter 61

by Roland Colton | Baseball Immortal

Chapter   61


April 13
Atlanta at New York

Cobb was a spectator for the nightcap against the Mets, watching the Braves go down to defeat in a 2 to 1 thriller. He sat alone at the far end of the dugout. His only real friend on the team was Bryan Brugge, who was congregating in the bullpen behind the outfield fence with the other relief pitchers, waiting to be summoned to pitch if needed.

What the hell am I doing here! I’m not welcome by the manager. My teammates despise me. I should be putting all my effort into finding my way back home.

For a moment, Cobb considered walking out of the dugout, changing into his street clothes and abandoning the team, abandoning baseball. Then he reflected on the Cains’ kindness and particularly Savannah’s friendship. They would be devastated if he gave up, and then they would likely abandon him, too.

He had never been a quitter. Cobb reflected on how close he had come to leaving the game years ago near the beginning of his professional career. It had been his father’s rebuke that had changed his mind. Don’t come home a failure! He could still remember the sound of his father’s voice ringing in his mind. Though his father had passed away tragically a short time later, Cobb frequently felt his father’s presence and he knew that his father would also be humiliated if he gave up. Cobb clenched his teeth. He made a silent vow not to desert the team. As before, he would use his full might and talents to become the best damned player in the game, no matter what the odds.

As the game progressed, his teammates paid him little heed. Only once did Carpenter glance his way and then it was just to telegraph an angry sneer. Fortunately, the game sped to a hasty conclusion and Cobb was grateful when he reached his hotel room an hour before midnight.

Lying in his street clothes on the bed, an overpowering feeling of loneliness enveloped Cobb and his thoughts again turned to Savannah. The room’s digital clock showed 11:12. Cobb realized that it was an hour earlier in St. Louis. Just 10:12. Not terribly late.

He picked up the hotel phone and dialed Savannah’s number.

He heard the phone ring.

Then he heard her voice.

“Hello, this is Savannah…”

“Hi Savannah, it’s Ty…” He was interrupted by the voice on the other line.

“…I’m not available to take your call, but please leave your name and number and I’ll return your call as soon as I can…”

Cobb shook his head. It was just a damn recorded message. He bit his lip.

“…please leave a message after the beep.”

Cobb heard the beep and hesitated. Then, he spoke, “Hi Savannah. It’s Ty. I really need to talk to you. I’m at the Omni Berkshire Hotel, room 941. Give me a call, soon. Please…” He wondered where she was, what she was doing.

Cobb walked over to the sofa and stared out the window. Could the vision before his eyes be real?—this tableau of lights burning from every tall building, every office block? It seemed so alive and vibrant, so antithetical to the brooding and isolation consuming him.


The sound of his own snoring woke him up and he glanced at the clock, it read 2:14. Three hours had passed. Cobb climbed into bed, dreading the coming day.

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