Episode 11 — Chapter 12

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Episode 11 — Chapter 12

by Roland Colton | Baseball Immortal

Chapter   12


The patient’s eyes focused on Dr. Nazari as he entered the room; there was a flicker of recognition.

“I came by earlier today. It looks like you are doing better. Now, I am going to release right arm—fortunately, it did not suffer any serious injury, just abrasions. But before I do, I need you promise me to not try and remove bandages. Doing that only make things worse and I will need to restrain you again. If you understand, please blink once.”

The patient blinked.

“Good. Now we can make real progress. I am releasing right arm. It is okay to move arm. Go ahead and try if you can… slowly.” The patient moved his arm upward, looked at his hand and began moving his fingers slowly before his eyes. The arm felt so heavy; he lowered it back to his side.

“Now remember, I do not want you try to speak. Right now, we are going to use different way to communicate. First, I am going to touch your palm. Now, I want you grab my index finger, if you can.” Dr. Nazari placed his index finger in the palm of the patient’s hand. Slowly, the fingers bent around Dr. Nazari’s finger.

“Very good. I am going to ask you some ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions. If answer ‘Yes’, squeeze my finger. A very light squeeze will do. If answer  ‘No’, do nothing—no squeeze. All right. Do you understand? If you understand, squeeze my finger.”

Dr. Nazari felt pressure on his finger.

“Okay. Good. Now, I want to see how good your memory is. Do you recall I came by earlier today and talked to you about accident and your injuries?”

The doctor fell pressure on his finger.

“Excellent. Your brain seems to be working fine. Very good! You will be visited by another doctor soon. His name is Dr. Hale. He is plastic surgeon, who specializes in facial reconstruction. His job is to restore your face to same appearance before accident. I just wanted to let you know he will be coming by later—probably tomorrow morning—to take look at face. He will remove your bandages and inspect face. Do you understand?”

The patient squeezed.

“Good. Now, we do not know your name. No identification on you when you came in. So, I am going to ask you what may sound like silly question; but it is important, because it help me understand how well your brain working. Sometimes people in serious accident experience temporary memory loss. So silly question is: Do you know what your name is?”

The patient squeezed again.

“Very good. Wonderful news. Now, I want you to tell me first name. It may take a couple of minutes, so please be patient. Is first letter in your name a vowel?”

There was no response.

“Okay. It must start with consonant, correct?”

The patient squeezed.

“Now, is first letter consonant between letters B and L?”

No response.

“It must be letter between M and Z, correct?”

The patient squeezed.

“I’m going to slowly go through those letters and I want you squeeze my finger when you hear first letter of first or given name. M… N… P… Q… R… S… T…”

The patient squeezed.

“Good. Just to make sure we are on right track. First letter of first name is a T, correct?”

The patient squeezed.                                                                                                        

“Now, we are moving on to next letter–second letter in first name. Is it vowel?”

No response.

“As before, is it in first half of alphabet?”

No response.

“I’m going to go through last half of alphabet consonants. M… N… P… Q… R… S… T… V… W… X… Y…”

The patient squeezed.

“Y. Correct? Okay, here Y is used like vowel, right?”

The patient squeezed.                                                                    

For the next several minutes, Dr. Nazari painstakingly went through each letter of the patient’s first name, skipping the middle name, and continued on to the last name.

At last, the task was completed.

“Excellent! We now know your name. That is enough for now. I can tell you are tired. I want you to get rest. I will be back to check on you soon.”

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