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Have you ever wondered how all-time great baseball stars from the past would fare in today’s game? Well, Colton’s new novel answers that question… or does it?

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Savannah Cain Interviews Ty Conn
Savannah Cain Interviews Ty Conn

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Episode 24 — Chapter 28

Chapter   28  Savannah’s wardrobe the following day evolved from considerably more thought than her first visit. She wore an ankle-length, floral dress and nylons to conceal any skin on her lower legs. She quickly placed her hair in a bun on top—not her most...

Episode 23 — Chapter 27

Chapter   27   In my professional judgment, this patient is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia with delusions of grandeur combined with an extraordinarily rare time displacement syndrome. His delusion is impervious to external, irrefutable, contrary evidence....

Episode 22 — Chapter 26

Chapter   26  Savannah sat in her rental car in the parking structure of Layton Regional, plotting the best way to gain access to her prospective interviewee. She knew that a reporter’s access to a patient in a hospital was limited—normally written consent was...

Episode 21 — Chapter 25

Chapter   25  ‘Tis a shame, Savannah thought to herself. We’ll never know how old timers would fare against modern players. She had been engrossed in thought during the flight, imagining that the real Ty Cobb had been magically transported into the twenty-first...

Episode 20 — Chapter 24

Chapter   24  Mildly intrigued, Savannah looked at the screen. It showed an ancient photograph of Ty Cobb side-by-side with a mobile phone photo taken at a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. The resemblance was striking. So, what’s the catch? Savannah wondered. She...

Episode 19 — Chapter 23

Chapter   23   Dr. Cantril studied the file. A referral had been made to his office a couple of weeks before, but he had done little more than poke his head in the patient’s room. After all, until he could communicate with the patient, there really wasn’t much he...

Episode 18 — Chapters 21 & 22

Chapter   21  With great care, Dr. Hale began unwrapping the bandages from the patient’s face. Gradually, the forehead became bare, then the nose, mouth and chin. The tedious process lasted several minutes until Mr. Cobb’s face was completely exposed. Dr. Hale...

Episode 17 — Chapters 19 & 20

Chapter   19   The smell of alfalfa invades my nostrils. I knew I wasn’t too far away, once I came to the fork in the road. There it is!—I’ve found my way home, at last. But why is there so much smoke rising from the roof. Why is light flickering through the...

Episode 16 — Chapter 18

Chapter   18  By the time Savannah arrived in the boardroom, every chair in the conference room had been commandeered except for the editor’s spot at the far end of the table. She stood with three others in the rear of the room. Moments later, Spencer Shields...

Episode 15 — Chapter 17

Chapter   17   Dr. Hale examined the photographs at the desk of his satellite office in the adjacent medical office tower. The doctor was quite impressed with the quality of several of the pictures, considering they were all taken in the early twentieth century....

Episode 14 — Chapter 16

Chapter   16  Savannah Cain sat at her desk on the thirty-eighth floor of the highrise. She turned away from her computer for a moment, and looked out the window at the Gateway Arch rising in the sky majestically next to the Mississippi River. From her vantage,...

Episode 13 — Chapter 15

Chapter   15   I wander through city streets, searching for my way home. Some boulevards are familiar, others are not. At length, I find myself on the city outskirts and the road forks to the left where there are vast fields of alfalfa. I continue past the fields...

Episode 12 — Chapters 13 & 14

Chapter   13  What a wondrous sight! Great glass monuments rise to the sky, eclipsing the sun and clouds. On the streets, there are vast hordes of horseless carriages passing by at reckless speeds, in exotic shapes and sizes. I stagger back, marveling at the...

Episode 11 — Chapter 12

Chapter   12   The patient’s eyes focused on Dr. Nazari as he entered the room; there was a flicker of recognition. “I came by earlier today. It looks like you are doing better. Now, I am going to release right arm—fortunately, it did not suffer any serious...

Episode 10 — Chapters 10 & 11

Chapter   10  The first rays of morning sun filter through the stained-glass windows, into the vast, muraled room. The expanse is filled with plants and elegant furnishings. In the center of the room, I am seated in a floral Davenport a short distance from a man...

Episode 9 — Chapters 8 & 9

Chapter   8 8:07 a.m. 911 Operator: 9-1-1.  What is your emergency? FEMALE VOICE: A man’s lying in the street in a pool of blood. Must’a been hit by a passing car. Looks like a hit-and-run. In real bad shape. He needs immediate help! 911 Operator: Did you witness the...

Episode 8 — Chapter 7

PRESENT DAY Chapter   7 Atlanta, GeorgiaSitting on a bar stool, Chase Ripley hunched over his third vodka and tonic—or, was it his fourth? He couldn’t remember for sure, nor did he really care. “We should get goin’, friend. I’ll take you home,” Mace did his best to...

Episode 7 — Chapter 6

Chapter   6 Entering from stage left, a mustached, tall man appeared, dressed in a tailored suit and derby hat. His swagger spoke of the West, not Wall Street. The crowd exploded with applause as they instantly recognized the celebrity ball player in the role of Billy...

Episode 6 — Chapter 5

Chapter   5 In the early afternoon of September 10th, players from both the Naps and Tigers streamed onto the field to engage in pre-game workouts. There was friendly banter from players on both sides as some planned on meeting up at the season’s end. After warm-up...

Episode 5 — Chapter 4

Chapter   4   September 9, 1911  Deep in thought, Cobb sat in his rocking chair staring out the large living room window onto the darkened street; Charlie and the children had long since retired for bed. It had been nearly three months since the miracle victory,...

Episode 4 — Chapter 3

Chapter   3  There was just a small smattering of cheers as the Sox were retired without a run in the top of the ninth inning, because fans knew that the Sox ace would soon be back on the mound, baffling the remaining Tiger batters into submission. Nevertheless,...

Episode 3 — Chapter 2

Chapter   2  Two hours before the game, men in lounge suits with top hats and ladies in high-heeled boots with full-length dresses and bustles, lacy gloves and sweeping hats, began streaming into Bennett Park to welcome their team home. As the stadium began to...

Episode 2 — Chapter 1

Chapter   1   June 18, 1911Bennett ParkDetroit, Michigan The muscular Percheron whinnied and reared, causing Officer O’Rourke to shift his weight to the stirrups. “Easy, Arrow, easy. Atta’ boy.” O’Rourke felt the horse relax and he gently coaxed the black gelding...

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  1. bbplyr


    I have enjoyed the story very much. As a somewhat trivia baseball buff, I recognized the names from the early days. I clearly recall the Lajoie Cobb battle for the batting average championship.
    Your depiction of Cobb has been spot on. The description of Cobb sliding in spikes first on his first hit was true to form.
    I look forward to reading your chapters everyday, as you have cleverly woven multiple plot lines.


    John Thompson

    • Roland Colton

      Thank you for your kind remarks, John. It is always gratifying to receive such a positive and enthusiastic review from a reader—especially one who is a “trivia baseball buff.”
      Stay tuned. The best is yet to come! Best regards, Roland

  2. booklover

    This book is very thrilling, I enjoy every second of the playing and action. I can’t wait to finish more!

  3. abesmith

    Excellent work! Rare that a historical book makes me want to turn the page to find out what happens next.

  4. superfan

    Loving it so far! Great description, great action, great insight into this player. Enjoy listening with my family!

    Looking forward to more!

  5. mandmhale

    LOVING this book! My usual MO is to read a novel cover-to-cover in one sitting, so Baseball Immortal has me running to my computer first thing in the morning to read the daily chapter.
    Fun, colorful, clever, interesting, and compelling.

    I particularly enjoyed Episode 4 – Chapter 3. After a nail-biting, vivid description of the game, the scene between Ty and Charlie delightfully and tenderly gives a glimpse into what I’d like to imagine their relationship resembled during the early years of marriage.

    Can’t wait until tomorrow!!

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