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Have you ever wondered how all-time great baseball stars from the past would fare in today’s game? Well, Colton’s new novel answers that question… or does it?

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Savannah Cain Interviews Ty Conn
Savannah Cain Interviews Ty Conn

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Episode 72 — Chapter 81

Chapter   81   Savannah’s Sport Report article on the World Master Games hit the newsstands, but not as the cover story. Nevertheless, it still received critical acclaim. The fact that she had been able to maintain reader attention in an annual event largely...

Episode 71 — Chapter 80

Chapter   80   May 20, 21 and 22Atlanta @ Philadelphia Bolt had just given his manager the proverbial vote of confidence, which seemed to often presage a manager’s firing. The Braves were seven games under .500 and Bolt had promised the fans a contending team....

Episode 70 — Chapter 79

Chapter   79   Atlanta @ PittsburghMay 16-19In the first game of the Pirate series, Cobb was inserted for defensive purposes in the eighth inning of a game Carpenter needed to desperately win. He knew that Bolt wouldn’t stand for much more losing. Carpenter still...

Episode 69 — Chapter 78

Chapter   78   Cobb’s headaches gradually lessened and his vision improved daily until his acuity and focusing finally returned to normal. Though his vision had been restored, the quickness of his bat had not. Since striking the cluster of home runs weeks before,...

Episode 68 — Chapter 77

Chapter   77  … Standing in the middle of a grassy field… in a large clearing surrounded by trees. The grass is uneven; some clumps are just a few inches high, others are nearly ankle deep. A strong wind hits my face, causing the grass to sway as the air whistles...

Episode 67 — Chapter 76

Chapter   76   May 2, 3 and 4Miami Marlins at AtlantaAfter the Sunday afternoon game with Arizona, the Braves arrived in Atlanta just before midnight. Flying eastbound always added several hours to the arrival time. Cobb walked into his condominium at 12:50 a.m....

Episode 66 — Chapters 74 & 75

Chapter   74  Cobb sat out the last two games of the Cleveland series, a spectator from the bench as the Indians completed the sweep. For the first time he could recall, he was actually relieved to be an observer. He didn’t want to embarrass himself any more–it...

Episode 65 — Chapter 73

Chapter   73   April 26, 27, 28Atlanta at Cleveland The Braves traveled to Cleveland for a three-game inter-league series. When Cobb first entered the field to warm up, he blinked hard at the sight of the opposing players. For a brief instant, he thought he had...

Episode 64 — Chapter 72

Chapter   72  Cobb squinted as the ball left the pitching coach’s hand. It was so damn fuzzy, even arriving at such a pedestrian speed. He couldn’t pick up the spin or rotation—the seams were blurred. It was just a white blurry sphere coming his way. He took the...

Episode 63 — Chapter 71

Chapter   71  Where am I? I feel a cool breeze caressing my face, but I see nothing; everything is black. I close my eyes... I open my eyes… it is no different. Have I gone blind? So peaceful and quiet. What’s that sound? It’s so faint… coming from far away. It’s...

Episode 62 — Chapter 70

Chapter   70   Cobb stretched his legs on the sofa and turned on the television. “Breaking news! Black teenager shot by police in West Altanta’s Bankhead Hood. He has been transported to the hospital in critical condition. Details are sketchy, but word is that...

Episode 61 — Chapter 69

Chapter   69   Thursday April 22 New York at AtlantaIn the bottom of the first inning, Cobb came to the plate against the visiting New York Mets, after Adams had reached on an error. Make contact... Don’t overswing... follow through... nice, fluid motion... The...

Episode 60 — Chapter 68

Chapter   68   Bolt delivered on his promise to provide Cobb with a condominium upon his return to Atlanta. Cobb was impressed, aware that Bolt was immersed in round-the-clock labor negotiations, hoping to avert an eleventh-hour strike. Not only did a limousine...

Episode 59 — Chapter 67

Chapter   67  “Ladies and gentlemen, Ty Cobb in the flesh!” Coventry motioned for Cobb to take a seat on the sofa next to his desk. “It’s a distinct pleasure to have you join our show, Mr. Cobb. I will confess this... you have certainly ignited interest into the...

Episode 58 — Chapters 65 & 66

Chapter   65  The cloud’s are threatening. It’s so dark, the game should have been called? The pitcher’s mound is too high and close. Who is that giant straddling the rubber? I can’t make out his features in the darkness. My hands grip the wooden shaft, the only...

Episode 57 — Chapter 64

Chapter   64  “I’m Bud Emberg, coming to you from beautiful Marlins Park in Miami, Florida on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Not a cloud in the sky and just a light breeze; perfect day for a game of baseball between the Marlins and the man who has ignited a...

Episode 56 — Chapters 62 & 63

Chapter   62   April 15, 16, 17 Atlanta at MiamiThe force of hot water streaming onto the top of his head felt soothing and comforting; it helped rouse him after another restless night of sleep. He had spent yet another game gathering splinters on the bench,...

Episode 55 — Chapter 61

Chapter   61   April 13 Atlanta at New York Cobb was a spectator for the nightcap against the Mets, watching the Braves go down to defeat in a 2 to 1 thriller. He sat alone at the far end of the dugout. His only real friend on the team was Bryan Brugge, who was...

Episode 54 — Chapter 60

Chapter   60   April 12Atlanta at New York The capacity crowd from the day before had dwindled to 20,000 for the second game of the home stand, as fans assumed that Cobb would be warming the bench again. Instead, the spectators were delighted to hear Cobb’s name...

Episode 53 — Chapter 59

Chapter   59   April 11Atlanta at New YorkTaking in the sights of Citi Field Park in Flushing Meadows from the exterior had been impressive enough, but it wasn’t until Cobb stepped onto the playing field that he felt his breath taken away. It was awe-inspiring...

Episode 52 — Chapter 58

Chapter   58   “Struttin’ around like some friggin’ All-Star,” Graydon Rhodes fumed, gesturing wildly with a half-full glass of beer. Rhodes was seated with four other teammates in the rear of C. Ellet’s Steakhouse restaurant, a few blocks from SunTrust Park. The...

Episode 51 — Chapter 57

Chapter   57   Cricket had been his game as a youth, growing up in South Wales. Tall and lanky, he’d actually become quite good at it. He could strike the ball consistently and he had better than average speed. But, he’d lost interest in the game once he became...

Episode 50 — Chapter 56

Chapter   56   Dr. Cantril stared at the commitment order on his desk. He had been stunned to learn that his patient had hooked up with the Atlanta Braves baseball team and made a huge splash in his first game. But, his astonishment soon morphed into anger. He...

Episode 49 — Chapter 55

Chapter   55  The radio announcers for the Braves were aghast at the expanding numbers filling the stadium. Following the sold-out home opener, the attendance at the following home game with the Nationals had been disappointing. Now it was difficult to locate an...

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  1. bbplyr


    I have enjoyed the story very much. As a somewhat trivia baseball buff, I recognized the names from the early days. I clearly recall the Lajoie Cobb battle for the batting average championship.
    Your depiction of Cobb has been spot on. The description of Cobb sliding in spikes first on his first hit was true to form.
    I look forward to reading your chapters everyday, as you have cleverly woven multiple plot lines.


    John Thompson

    • Roland Colton

      Thank you for your kind remarks, John. It is always gratifying to receive such a positive and enthusiastic review from a reader—especially one who is a “trivia baseball buff.”
      Stay tuned. The best is yet to come! Best regards, Roland

  2. booklover

    This book is very thrilling, I enjoy every second of the playing and action. I can’t wait to finish more!

  3. abesmith

    Excellent work! Rare that a historical book makes me want to turn the page to find out what happens next.

  4. superfan

    Loving it so far! Great description, great action, great insight into this player. Enjoy listening with my family!

    Looking forward to more!

  5. mandmhale

    LOVING this book! My usual MO is to read a novel cover-to-cover in one sitting, so Baseball Immortal has me running to my computer first thing in the morning to read the daily chapter.
    Fun, colorful, clever, interesting, and compelling.

    I particularly enjoyed Episode 4 – Chapter 3. After a nail-biting, vivid description of the game, the scene between Ty and Charlie delightfully and tenderly gives a glimpse into what I’d like to imagine their relationship resembled during the early years of marriage.

    Can’t wait until tomorrow!!

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