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First Concert with Book Signing: A Great Success!!!, Roland Colton, @rolandccolton

First Concert with Book Signing: A Great Success!!!

My First Book Signing with Piano Concert  On November 13, 2016, I had my first combination book signing and concert at the Carlsbad City Library, in Carlsbad, California, sponsored by the Amateur Pianists of San Diego. We had an excellent turnout, estimated at between 60 and 70 people in attendance; some who had traveled a […]

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1 Experience of a Lifetime: Chopin’s Quatrième Ballade

I mentioned in an earlier blog the late John Ogden’s summation of Chopin’s Quatrième Ballade. Since I have been spending an hour or two a day on this composition, I have come to appreciate his words more than ever. He said: “[It is] the most exalted, intense and sublimely powerful of all Chopin’s compositions… It […]

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The Thrill of Discovering a Lost Composition, Georges Bizet, Roland C Colton, @rolandccolton

The Thrill of Discovering a Lost Composition

Georges Bizet: The Lost Composition A few years ago, my wife and I were returning from the grocery store in Savigné-sur-Lathan, just a few miles from our summer home in the Loire Valley. The radio was playing and I remember hearing a beautiful piano solo that was totally unfamiliar to me. Once we arrived in […]

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castle-howard, How Magnificent Estates Make Wonderful Novel Settings, Roland Colton, @rolandccolton

How Magnificent Estates Make Wonderful Novel Settings

Magnificent Estates As Settings  One of the great treats of a good historical movie is viewing the settings where the drama unfolds. In my opinion, a setting or location can make or break a movie. It is part of the time displacement which occurs in a historical movie, just as the descriptive verse of the […]

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Why I'm Looking Forward to Exciting Times Ahead, Roland Colton, @RolandCColton, piano, book signings

Why I’m Looking Forward to Exciting Times Ahead

Exciting Times Ahead! But first… My first book signing took place at Mystery Ink in Huntington Beach, California, on September 10th. My first impression of the bookstore was quite positive. I found the bookstore very charming and intimate. In an adjoining room, hors d’oeuvres and drinks were served to the guests. A table had been […]

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Forever Gentleman, And So the Book Tour Begins!, Roland C Colton, Author, @rolandccolton

And So the Book Tour Begins!

We have returned from France, and the book tour now starts. There are five bookstores presently scheduled, with a few more pending. We are beginning with Southern California bookstores and will then gradually extend to other areas. I hope that some of you are in close enough proximity that you will be able to attend. […]

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How To Find Beautiful Classical Music Today!, Roland C Colton @rolandccolton

How To Find Beautiful Classical Music Today!

No Great Classical Composers Today? I was talking with a dear friend a couple of weeks ago—a fellow lover of classical music. My friend was lamenting the fact that we have no great composers today, that the genius of classical music has withered away during the past century. He asked, “Where are the Bachs, the […]

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This is the Reason New Authors Anxiously Await Five-Star Reviews Only

Awaiting Reviews Last night, my lovely wife and I returned from a promenade on the chateau grounds at sunset and saw, to our mutual surprise and delight, two peacocks perched upon the back terrasse balustrade. We instantly sensed it was a good omen. In India, if a person sees a peacock while traveling on a […]

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