Intrigue, romantic rivalries and mistaken identities abound in this engrossing victorian drama…

New Enhanced e-Version includes more than 10 hours of music!

This groundbreaking enhanced version brings to life Nathan Sinclair’s piano performance prowess by including over 60 opportunities to listen to more than 10 hours of music described in the book while you read it. Try this incredibly immersive experience and lose yourself in this Victorian era historical novel!

Winners Announced!

Musical Composition Contest — $10,000 in Cash Prizes for Original Music

Roland Colton — Author, Pianist, Traveler.

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A Tempo: Author Weaves Musical Tracks into E-Book

A Tempo: Author Weaves Musical Tracks into E-Book

When Roland Colton published his Romance novel  "Forever Gentleman" in 2016, about a struggling architect-by-day, pianist-by-night in Victorian London, he knew he wanted to release an e-novel of the book to better underscore its musical elements. He realized that goal...

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